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From vultures' wings to Eigenharp: what is the future for music?

A few weeks ago I heard somebody ‘’spooning’’. Not knowing what this verb meant I was surprised to learn that it meant playing the spoons to produce music! The idea that you can create music from everyday objects captured my imagination and I did some investigation. 

I found videos on YouTube of a classical music concert which included a piece in which the main musical instrument was a typewriter! It was really funny. I discovered people playing a saw which sounded to me as beautiful as violin music. Others producing music by rubbing the rims of glasses and blowing over bottles containing water reminded me of my childhood games. 

This made me think, what makes a musical instrument? What characteristics does an object need to be classified as a musical instrument? Although the previous named tools made beautiful or interesting music we can’t classify them as such, because they were designed for another purpose. The reason why these objects enchant us and make us laugh when we hear them i…

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