14 TO 18



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see you own life flash before your eyes in a few seconds? They say that this happens just before you die, but now with modern technology you don’t have to wait until then;  with a little patience and constancy you can do it yourself!

Have a look at the videos I’ve uploaded. One is a series of photos taken every day of a baby until she’s 12 years old. The other one follows the changing image of a girl over a period of 4 years from when she was 14 until she was 18. And the third one is about a women and the gestation of her child until she gives birth. 

The video of the baby to 12 years old is perhaps one of the most interesting of these type of recordings because it covers a period of time in which there are huge physical changes. A lot of people commented that they thought that the baby was a boy; I did too! But it was delightful to see ‘’him’’ turning to a pretty young girl and then an attractive young teenager.

The video which shows the history of a pregnancy is delightful as it demonstratehow incredible the female human body is. It’s uplifting to see such happy parents sharing their excitement about the growth of their unborn child. 

But the video I find most interesting is the one of the 14 year-old girl and the following four years of her life. When you first watch it without reading the description box most people feel a strong empathy with the girl. Many viewers become concerned because they suspect that she is passing through difficult periods of her life, which is reflected in her physical appearance and facial expression.  You can see that her hair is becoming very thin and her face very haggard. When you read the description and the background information you understand the reasons behind her obvious suffering, which can be clearly seen in this series of her daily photos.

Human beings have always been fascinated by the passage of time reduced into an instance.  We see it in nature programmes when we watch flowers open in a few seconds. Technology now allows us to see things from a completely different time point; in a sense we become omnipresent. 

They say ‘’one imagine is worth more than a thousand words’’ but now it should be
‘’a thousand images is worth more than a life story’’.