I hope you enjoy the Western Texas video. I chose it because of the impressive photography showing the wild beauty of this American State and its extreme weather. I was also impressed by the synchronisation between the images and the music.

The photographs are by Wyman Meinzer, who is the official state photographer of Texas since 1997. He was raised on the League Ranch, a 27,000-acre cattle farm in the rolling plains of Texas, and many of his photographs are from this area, but he has also travelled Texas extensively taking thousands of photographs of the landscape.

One of the outstanding features of Wyman’s work is his ability to capture the extreme weather of Texas. Parts of this state suffer frequent snow storms, high winds and tornados, spectacular electrical storms and intense drought.


The music is by Doug Smith, a virtuoso pianist, who is from Petersburg Texas. He plays by ear because he cannot read music. He is quite an amazing person; he had a car accident which left him crippled. At first it was thought that he would be paralyzed from the neck downwards, but Doug was determined to think positively and with expert medical help and his determination he learnt to play the piano again. He had lost the use of his legs and feet and was unable to use the piano pedals. This lead to some friends of his inventing a device which allows disabled pianists to use the sustain pedal. Today he insists that the accident was a blessing and continues to bless others with his music.

Texas has abundant and varied wild life and Wyman is well known for his stunning photography; his photos have often been seen on the front cover of well-known wild life magazines. In this video he has also captured the breath taking landscape and impressive weather of Texas; synchronized with the emotive music of Doug I think this video is one of the very best.