Please watch the video before you read this comment, because I don’t want to spoil it for you! I would love to do a survey and find out how many people thought the same as me and Josh, the guy in the video; that the homeless man would spend the $100 on liquor. 

I think many people are often reluctant to give money to tramps because they are convinced that it will be wasted, as they will spend it on drugs or drink. This homeless man however, proves us wrong, as he spends the $100 dollars on food and shares it out amongst other homeless people whom he doesn’t even know. The tramp says, in the video, that he’s amazed when Josh gives him another $100, but Josh replies that he’s even more astonished of what he did with the money. 
The tramp explains how he has become homeless through no fault of his own and assures Josh that many of the people who are homeless are not lazy or bad but that circumstances outside their control have left them on the street.
Maybe this restores our confidence in human kind and that there are today still people out there who are honourable, generous and genuine.