Do you know what FOMO means? They are initials that stand for ‘Fear  Of Missing Out’. It’s a modern word that refers primarily to teenagers who have a fear of missing an opportunity for social interaction with modern technologies such as mobile phones and social networking services. People remain continually connected because they are constantly concerned about not knowing last minute events.
Vsauce recommends that we should not become ‘FOMO’ because each era has it’s own beautiful natural events and feature. We can see the wonders of the Niagara Falls which will cease to be a waterfall by year 52 000 because of erosion. Six hundred million years from now there will no longer be any complete solar eclipses as the moon is receding 1cm each year.
Michael seems enthusiastic about seeing the collision of supernovas which will make it appear as if the earth has two suns. But he’s even more passionate about they approach of the Andromeda Galaxy which is 2.5 million light years away from our Milky Way. In 2 billions years it will be visible but distant. However, in 2.75 million years it will be so close that the sky will look like something from a science fiction movie full of explosions of glowing coloured light as stars are being born.

I must admit that I’m suffering from FOMO in regard to the collisions of stars and the resulting beautiful skies. I know I will not be here to see it, but will any human being be?