Have you ever kissed a total stranger?  Of course there is kissing and there is kissing ; I mean a full kiss on the lips between two strangers.

I found part of this video very funny, other parts I found touching but I also felt at times uncomfortable. I mean not uncomfortable about the gay couples kissing, but I shared the awkwardness that the people in the video showed having to kiss somebody completely unknown to them.

I thought the lesbian couple handled the situation best, because one of them suggested that they look into each other’s eyes for a second, which seemed to break down the barriers between them. Some of them just laughed because they  felt so embarrassed. Others felt the need to know the other person’s name before they kissed and all of them felt the need to converse before the kiss. This points to the universal fact that most humans feel it inappropriate to kiss a stranger.

I think my embarrassment was caused by my empathy with the people in the video, I felt what they felt. Maybe many of them were fearful that they would not be able to do it well. There was one couple that really amused me, they seemed more relaxed and to be kissing passionately.  Can you guess which couple it was?
When they separated the girl appeared embarrassed and laughingly said ‘’what was your name again?’’ it was funny, but also it shows the human need to establish a relationship before kissing a person.