It’s difficult to define when an addiction really becomes a problem; I suppose it becomes a problem when it interferes with real life. I agree with Mygirl_Ruby that people can be obsessive about everything. However, Internet is so readily available that it is particularly easy to become obsessed with it. 

I disagree with Mygirl_Ruby when she says that TV is more addictive than the internet. Internet nowadays has in some ways replaced TV as nearly all popular films and series are available on it on demand; you don’t have to wait for the following week to watch the next episode.  So it is possible to spend hours and hours watching your favourite programmes without being conscious of time passing.

Mark002 says ‘’real life isn’t as interesting as  the Internet’’  and it is certainly true that the internet offers a wide range of activities in which the user can engage; downloading music and films,  playing interactive worldwide games with other users, corresponding via emails or chats, searching the internet for interesting life hacks and reports of human interest.

Internet is unique in that it allows the user to be anonymous or to take on a completely different character. Most people like to take on a role, and pretend that they’re someone they’re not. This can be done by interactive video games when you take on a specific heroic personality or by revealing only the information you wish to on social media. Although there is of course the danger of revealing too much to a possible criminal.

So what about real life?  It is harder to hide our own weaknesses or inadequacies in the actual world and the real danger of the internet, in my opinion, is that we escape into the world of cyberspace in order to avoid daily problems or difficulties. There are thing you can’t do on the internet like playing sports, socialise at a deeper level when you have to cope with other people’s personalities and there are certain senses which can’t be transmitted via the Internet, such as taste, touch and smell.
We are who we are and if we are to be true to ourselves then we need to live out our lives in the world. Internet can’t substitute life.