₵₦₰ CHILDREN FOR NATURAL SPACES                                                                  
15 Church Road
15TH April 2015
Telford Weekly
High Street

Dear Sir or Madam,
                                  I am the president of a group called ‘Children for Natural Spaces’ which is an organization that tries to protect unspoilt areas open to the public. I am writing to you because we are concerned about plans to build a motorway in our area which will go straight through the park and recreational land to the west of our town.

In our opinion a motorway would totally destroy the beauty of this natural space. It is a place enjoyed by residents; hikers, families who go on picnics, dog walkers, photographers and lovers of nature. The traffic would be noisy and create fumes as well as endangering the flora and fauna. What is more, it is completely unnecessary as we already have the A49 only a few miles away and it can be easily upgraded to motorway standard.

We have therefore decided to take action and we are going to organize a protest in front of the town hall on Thursday 20th of April. We have also drawn up a petition for people to sign and we will be visiting houses during this next week. This newspaper has always supported local initiatives; so we hope that you will support our endeavour and send a reporter on the day we protest.

Yours faithfully,
                           Molly Brown
Molly Brown
Children for Natural Spaces