In English there exists a saying; it exists in Spanish too, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. This maxim also applies to people and it is very relevant now-a-days when we have many people with alternative ‘looks’. In the street today you might meet Goths, wearing all black, or you might meet a person covered in tattoos or piercings. It is becoming more acceptable every day.
Make up and piercings can be removed easily but tattoos are permanent. There may come a day in which you might wish that you had not chosen to tattoo your body. Don’t worry, there is a solution, follow this link.
‘Go beyond the cover’ is the slogan for Dermablend Professional a wonder cream that will cover up any tattoo effectively. I love the slogan as it refers to the timeless proverb quoted above, but the video is quite shocking. If you read the comment section you will find that most people found it disturbing. But why?
In the video we see, in reverse how a young person whose body, head and face which are covered with tattoos are made over with the body foundation. The first image we have of him he seems to be a normal white male adult except for two piercings, but as we see how the make-up is applied his normal image appears. At first glance he appears intimidating, but why? When we first saw him we presumed that this was his ‘normal’ appearance, just another young white male with two piercings.
Maybe what is most disturbing is that our first assumption is proved to be wrong. In some way we have been ‘tricked’. We are made to feel uncomfortable because the information which we have received through our sight perception turns out to be false.
In reality however, it is the values that we have associated with his first appearance that have been prove wrong. It has nothing to do with the information received. In our minds we judge appearances and link ideas with a particular look. We have come to believe that we can trust our eyes.
In the end tattoos are just ink, skin deep. The real person is beyond the skin.